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No-Onion, No-Pepper Barbecue Sauce on Chicken

Judy Buchenot writes a column "Fox Valley Cooks" for a local paper. She contacted us to get the story of how Hack's BBQ Sauce was created. Here is her article as it appeared in the paper on November 4, 2011: Relationship Full of Flavor

In the article, she included a copy of my recipe for Macaroni & Cheese. My original recipe calls for onion powder, but leave it out if you can't tolerate onions!

Hack's BBQ Sauce is teaming up with Rich Wachtel of "Grilling with Rich" to compete in the BBQ Jamboree in Fredericksburg, VA on May 5, 2012. This is Rich's first competition and we are delighted that he chose Hack's BBQ Sauce for the competition. We'll be selling the sauce at the jamboree so come on out! I hope to see you all there!

Here are some additional BBQ resources for you:

  • If you have food allergies and are looking for others with the same condtion, check out this site: Singles with Food Allergies
  • Here's a site dedicated to BBQ smoking: The BBQ Smoker Site
  • Here is a great resource for all your barbecue needs. For grills, recipes, cuts of meat, sauces and tips & techniques; visit the BBQ Guide. They even have a dinner time prayer.
  • Here's a site that's all about grills: Backyard Barbecue.

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Go Figure...

After buying a bottle of Hack's BBQ Sauce, one customer called later to order 4 more bottles. I asked why 4 more...his kids are putting it on their pizza and just love it!

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