The Creation of Hack's BBQ Sauce

One of my wife's favorite things was for me to barbecue something on the grill for dinner. But after a surgery to correct a gastro-intestinal problem she began to notice that certain foods were a problem for her to digest. She isolated two of the culprits: onions and anything in the bell pepper family. That meant no more barbecue sauce!

The secret indgredient for Hack's barbecue sauce
Pouring in the secret ingredient!

But she loves BBQ chicken and ribs off the grill, so we took a trip to the store to see if there was a barbecue sauce she could eat. Much to our dismay there were none. That's when I decided to make my own. After a couple of years of tinkering with the recipe, we finally got a sauce with the right consistency and flavor. A thick, sweet & tangy sauce that brushes on nicely and gives a great taste to her favorite meats on the grill. We have been using it at home ever since.

The First bottles of Hack's barbecue sauce
The first bottles of Hack's
BBQ Sauce coming off the line!

Serving it to family and friends over the years, I eventually started getting requests. Apparently it tasted good enough for everyone to enjoy, not just those with a sensitive digestive system. For 10 years now I have been making Hack's BBQ sauce for family and friends and they have been encouraging me to sell it.

Now, it's a dream come true...Hack's BBQ Sauce is now commercially bottled and available for everyone to buy! Try a bottle! I am sure you'll enjoy the sweet and tangy flavor of our rich and tasty sauce.

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